Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bilbo on Inevitability

Marj says thoughts of inevitability make her think of old Bilbo Baggins' song:

I sit beside the fire and think of all that I have seen,
of meadow-flowers and butterflies in summers that have been;

Of yellow leaves and gossamer in autumns that there were,
with morning mist and silver sun and wind upon my hair.

I sit beside the fire and think of how the world will be
When winter comes without a spring that I shall ever see.

For there are still so many things that I have never seen;
in every wood in every spring there is a different green.

I sit beside the fire and think of people long ago,
and people who will see a world that I will never know.

But all the while I sit and think of times there were before,
I listen for returning feet and voices at the door.


Bonnie Calhoun said...

I'm waiting for the Lord's return...LOL...that the only thing I focus on.

And if I get to go "Home" before my friends, I told them to hear my voice in their heads going, "Neener, neener, I got there before you did!"

I really never feel melancholy about the end, to me it is a win/win!

Pam Halter said...

It's a beautiful reflection of longing to continue to exsist and the anticipation of returning friends.

One of the ways we can continue is to write, for our words will out live us.

As for returning friends, anticipation is sweet, isn't it?