Friday, August 29, 2008

Walk On!

No, I have not God-and-dog walked off the end of the world, though it may seem that way. I’m sorry for the long absence and have missed coming to this blog, missed you all.

This seems to be a weird year for the body of Christ. I’ll share a bit of my circumstances, but I know I’m not alone, that it’s not all about me, that God is at work. Many of my dear Christian brethren have also gone through odd and difficult times in the past few months. That’s life in a fallen creation—life that just begs for light, and I’m thankful that the Lord has not left us without that Light.

I am now working for a living. It’s been thirteen years since I worked a real job. Thirteen years of professional writing meant my time was my own, and I had ample opportunity to walk the dog, sing to the sky, and stumble through the thicket in pursuit of God. Most of you know I had a publisher back out of a contract, which left me with a book in hand and no place to go. Finances were very strained—as I know it is for many of you—and I had to find a job.

God has been so gracious. After being humbled by three months of little interest, I am now working in a job that pays decent money, offers plenty to do, and provides very nice co-workers. It’s tough adjusting to a 40-hour work week after so many years of floating here-and-there. I have no complaints, even am ashamed to consider that I might. Please pray I do a good job, help this company that produces much-needed pharmaceutical products. It’s a good cause, and I want to be helpful to the hard-working people here.

The most difficult part is being in a closed environment, in a secure facility. Last week learned I can leave campus at lunch time. Praise God—across the way from where I work is abundant conservation land! I can walk, oh thank you—I can walk in the trees and along the water during lunch. No dog, I’m afraid, though I’ve met a black lab named Digby whose lucky owner walks at lunch.

My dear husband also has some serious (but not bad) things going on at work. I’m not at liberty to discuss them now but they’ve added to the challenges we’ve faced as a family these last few months. And my son has been so very, very sick…and we’ve been praying hard for recovery.

So we’ve been out straight, but that’s life and you all share it with me. And that is my blessing.

I hope to drop in more often. I miss God-and-dog-walking, miss all of you. I am blessed to borrow Sadie now and then, and even more blessed when I can take my grandson into the woods and teach him how to splash in the stream!