Friday, May 2, 2008

Doggie Envy

We now have a new dog at our home, our 'grandpup' Sadie. Unfortunately, I only saw her in passing, since my son's family moved in Saturday night and I left 3:30 AM Sunday. We had a moment to sit down and watch the Sox game, and I was envious because Sadie curled up on the floor next to Steve. I am convinced she will have no room left in her heart for me after a week with him.

Here at Glen Eyrie, I climbed up to the Dorothy Fall's. It was spectacular, a testament to the beauty of creation. I'll post more tomorrow but God fills those canyons with his grace.

When I got to the falls, I sat and enjoyed the music of water crashing into a clear pool. Beyond the falls, one can climb even higher but I didn't have time. A young couple came down from the upper peak, their skinny, part-yellow lab mutt with them. Suddenly, the only beauty I had eyes for was this dog. He was shy, wouldn't come to me until I offered a pretzel. Even then, he got only close enough to snatch the pretezel away. I couldn't take my eyes off him, even though as dogs go, he was pretty odd looking. Very skinny, with big, almost German-shepherd ears.

To me, he looked like heaven. Angie Hunt and Nancy Rue have two dogs, and I have to live on imagined hugs from Lab puppies and Mastiff wonders all week. To see a real dog was a real treat.

I have another couple days here, and will soak in God's glory and--if I'm scratch that, humble...I'll seek His face.

But it's so much easier when I have a dog at my side.


Accidental Poet said...


what a beautiful picture!

Kay said...

Wanna borrow Skittles? She was pretty mad at me for abandoning her for 3 days.

Elsi Dodge said...

The family who hosts my Tuesday-evening house church is currently dog sitting for a four-month-old "puggle"—a beagle/pug mix. She's adorable, climbed into my lap and licked my face and thought I was wonderful!

I forget how very old my Lady is ... still full of love, but oh so fragile and slow. Seeing this little one reminds me of how little time Lady and I have together ... before I'm in your lonely shoes also.

In the meantime, though, Lady sends sedentary wags and licks.

Kathryn Mackel said...

Hug Lady for me...just not too hard.

Kay said...

I'm hoping you are safe and sound. Are you home? Are you just enjoying your doggie guest? Or are you still stuck behind a firewall at the Glen?