Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Forgot How to Find the Sunrise

I lost my dog, my career, my health, and almost my son. Too busy focusing on what the locusts had eaten, I forgot I could walk with God without a dog at my side.

God blessed me and my family in our year of darkness and pain. Incredible blessings that took me that year to find.

I'm ready to walk again, though it's with babysteps because I need to be retrained far more than our puppy. I took her out this morning, she did all the wonderful and smart things a baby dog can do to please her owner. (Look Ma, no newspapers needed!)

I wandered the front lawn, watching the night mist rise into the early day. Watching the east for the sunrise but I couldn't figure out the bright sky and dark clouds. Had the sun already risen? I couldn't see it but it might sit low on the horizon this time of year. Was it behind the trees or should I linger, waiting for the gold to dance in the east?

I couldn't remember how to find the sunrise.

But at least I remember that I need to look...


Anonymous said...

oh my dear dear friend I have missed you!

Rachel Hauck said...

Katy,what a touching post. Thinking of you!

The Son is shining!


Mike Dellosso said...

Great to hear from you again, Kathryn. Last year was a tough year all around. Praise God he brought you and your family through it. It was great to see you in Philly, too. A real blessing!

Kay Day said...

So glad you're back! Good to see you!
And even if we miss the sunrise, at least we know it's always there!