Monday, December 7, 2009

Whiter than Snow?

So much for training Savvy to pee on demand with an offer of a "cookie." Steve informed me that this weekend's snow has provided a revealing insight.

Savvy fakes it.

She is known for multiple stops...squatting, allegedly peeing, then grabbing her morsel, then repeating the process. As responsible dog owners, we do want that bladder empty before she comes back in the house.

Saturday Steve caught her cheating. Squat, pee, cookie. Squat, pee, cookie. Squat...wait a minute, that snow is still white and unbroken!



Anonymous said...

ahhahahahahahahaahha that is way too smart a dog!!!

Kay Day said...

Well... can you go when you don't gotta?
This made me smile.

God's not as easily fooled by our posturings, is He?