Tuesday, February 2, 2010

No Disguising It

Take a look. Doesn't she look great? Savvy's almost full-grown, and is as graceful and lovely as her breeding predicted.

So cute when she's playing in the snow, isn't she? Know what she's doing?

She's digging for poops.

OK, all dogs eat poop. Cat poops are their favorites but the horse manure left on the trail, or the cow flaps that are distributed when the bovines across the street get out--yeah, these are good.

The dumb dog used to dig for Maddie's poops. Oh, I suppose I get it, given Maddie is her role model. But once she ran out of Maddie's droppings, she began digging for her own. She pries the lump out, tosses it around, and when I challenge her...gulp.

Her behavior is incestuous cannibalism, if you ask me. And I am in NO mood for her kisses, no siree.

There's a massive spiritual analogy in this one. But I'm not going there. No way.

I report. You apply.

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