Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Grave Matter

Steve is outside, digging Tasha's grave.

No, she's fine. Really.

We're going away soon and our neighbor Rick will be house/dogsitting. Being the wise man he is, he asked where he should "put her" if she passes on while we're away. Ouch--good question. Steve and I walked around the yard, Tasha trailing us, to find a spot.

"Here's a good place for her to spend eternity," Steve said, pointing to a little grove of trees.

It occurs to me that I spent more time today dwelling on the patch of earth that will become Tasha's eternity than I have on the heaven that will be mine.


Leah said...

Why is it that the pets always seem to pass away when you leave town?

Anonymous said...

Are you going anywhere fun?

Anonymous said...

Oh, glory! My elderly beagle is obviously becoming slower and more uncomfortable. I hope your Tasha enjoys life a good, long time yet!