Friday, August 24, 2007

Luring the dog

At Tasha's age (she's almost seventeen), getting her out to walk can be a chore. The strategy is simple--wave a dog biscuit under her nose, wait for her to wake up, and then lure her out to the woods. She's eager for the 'cookie' so I give it to her after a couple of hundred of feet on the path. After she gobbles it down, her shoulders slump and her excitement dissolves, as if she's thinking the fun's done--why is she making me keep going?

After all these years, walking the path is so ingrained that she doesn't have an inkling she could turn around and just go home. So she drags a couple hundred feet behind me, her head low and her tail down. I'd think I was the worst owner in creation--but I know this is good for her. '

Sure enough, once we make the turn for the stream path, she whizzes by me like a puppy. She can't keep it up, of course, but for a few feet, she's in the moment of joy.

And, if I'm to be honest, I must admit I'm like that.

I drag myself before God because I know it's a good place for me to be. Sometimes the path seems worn and boring (trust me, I know the danger of admitting such a thing in public...zzzt...lightning bolt alert) that I'm just looking at my own feet and not at where I am. And yet, like Tasha, who out of habit trusts me to take her to a good place, God does the same for me.

Tasha's old and creaky. I'm busy and cranky. I walk Tasha because she needs it. God meets us there because I need it.

I'm ashamed when Tasha is the first one of us to lift her head and acknowledge that.


Angela said...

What a delightful adventure! And welcome to blogdom! So glad to hear your voice!


P.S. I'll be sure to put a link to your spot on my blog. I'd love to travel with you and Tasha on this journey.

Anonymous said...

Well look at you joining the ranks.

What a delight.

(you have to follow the link if you want to know who I am)

Anonymous said...

My elderly beagle and I go through the same process——though often she's the one luring me. As does my cat, come to think of it! And yes, too often the Lord has to almost trick me into looking up at Him and following. What fun to have your blog to read, since I know you from writers conferences!

Kathryn Mackel said...

Like I don't know who the accidental poet is?? Right...

Elsi, my cat walks with us too. Scares me because of the coyotes but cats will do what cats do.