Monday, January 7, 2008

Hellyer Takes Center Stage

To kick off "cat month," today we welcome Dineen Miller and her Hellyer. (I have to admit, when I first saw that name, I thought she must have a BadCat of her own...but she'll explain the name as you read.)
Please welcome Dineen Miller and her cat Hellyer, aka Little Bit or Helly Belly

What kind of cat is he/she and how old is he/she?

Hellyer is just a tabby, white and tan. He's a year and half old. How did your cat become part of your family?My husband is an avid disc golfer. One day he was playing at Hellyer Park (that explains the name) on a record 110 degree day and heard a crying/mewing come from the brush. He went down and found this little 10 week old kitten, abandoned. We already had four cats, but he brought him home anyway.

At first look, we were all smitten by this kitten! Hubby named him Hellyer but I kept referring to the little fuzz ball as Little Bit and it stuck.

What is the most annoying/astounding thing your cat has ever done? (Feel free to answer both.)

Most annoying, he sprays all the time. Good thing he likes the outdoors. Most astounding, he likes to ride on my husband's shoulder. :-)

How does your cat’s companionship enrich your life?

He's kept us laughing since the day we adopted him. He's so unique in his personality and when he mews, he sounds like he's saying no. LOL! He's so much fun!

What does your cat teach you about God?

That God loves us SO much that He actually took the time and care to create these wonderful little creatures for our enjoyment. No other reason! That just amazes me that our enjoyment of life matters that much to God. This makes us treasure our pets even more. Since rescuing Hellyer, we've also rescued a puppy through California Underdogs. And she is precious and has been the best therapy for our daughter. :-)

Thanks for letting me participate!


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Dineen A. Miller said...

Awww, that's my Helly Belly up there. LOL! This cat has too many names. We just love him to pieces though. He's so good with our dog too. Thanks for having him, Kathy!

Kathryn Mackel said...

He is adorable in that Santa hat. BadCat would have ripped me to shreds, had I tried to dress her up for the holidays.

I suspect most cats have multiple names (as you'll see when more cats step up).

Bonnie Calhoun said...

LOL, Kathy...I'm with you! If I'd have tried to put that hat on my cat, the picture would have been of her coming at me with all fours! *snort-giggle*

He looks like a movie star that is used to posing for pictures! Love it!

Pam Halter said...

Helly Belly is beautiful! I can tell he's full of fun.

Yeah, our cats have multiple names. I didn't mention our kitties nicknames when I sent in my info about my daughter's cat, but we often call them (yeah both of them) "bubby."

We're such babies when it comes to our pets! HA!

Kay said...

He is adorable. You can tell by looking that he has an great personality!