Thursday, January 3, 2008

Welcome to Cat Month (Sorry, pups)

Meet Sultana, aka BadCat. This is not a term of's a warning! Note how she disrespects her owner (me) by sleeping on my manuscript. Note the terrifying gleam in her angry eyes. And look at those double paws, all the better to swipe (and strike) me with.

I do hope your cat is a far nicer member of the species than mine is. Whether a purring pussycat or a roaring lion, all cats are welcome this month. Every few days, we'll meet another kitty...and hope our dogs understand.

Send your cat's bio and photo to me at kathrynmackel at aol. Here's some questions to use as a guide.

What kind of cat is he/she and how old is he/she?
How did your cat become part of your family?
What is the most annoying and/or astounding thing your cat has ever done?
How does your cat’s companionship enrich your life?
What does your cat teach you about God?


Elsi Dodge said...

Dolphin here—It's about time you got around to us! I'll instruct my mama to get my info to you ASAP!

Janice Freeman said...

Janice here: Kathy, do you remember Miffer, our most wonderful cat ever? I still miss him. He was a purring machine, sent upstairs by our mother to wake us up in the morning. He was also endlessly affectionate, and loved to be held like a baby. He was a stray we picked up who grew to be very big, except in his heart.

Janice Freeman said...

Follow up: I'm still hazy, I meant to say Miffer never grew to be very big, except in his heart!

Kathryn Mackel said...

Yep, I'll never forget Miffer. My Frisco was the same way...cuddling on his back like a baby, his paw lightly touching my face.

This is why Sultana is such an affront!