Friday, February 15, 2008

She Came Looking for Me

Two days ago we had five inches of snow, followed by hours and hours of driving rain. Overnight, it froze, leaving us with a horrible mess. The driveway is impassable by foot because it's thick ice. The snow has an inch crust of ice on it. It's bad if you go through, and it's worse if you don't because it is so slick.

When I took Tasha out for her afternoon walk yesterday, my plan was to bust through the ice and make a path for her to follow. She got excited, jumped on the crust and broke through. I didn't get into the woods before I decided to take her back, fearing she'd get cut. I put her inside and left a note for Steve, telling him I had gone into the woods by myself.

Once I got in there, I saw that the woodcutter had been through on the paths with his bulldozer and broken up the crust. It was a lovely little walk for me, though I picked my way very, very carefully, and used my walking stick. Though I didn't go up and over the hill like Tasha and I have been doing, I was out almost an hour.

Though Tasha had been inside all this time, as soon as Steve came home she insisted on going out. She not only came looking for me, this dog who is nearly deaf and has so-so eyesight spotted me almost immediately out in the woods. She worked her way along the crust--breaking through in places--until she reached me.

I took her home via the woodcutter's trail, keeping her safe.

Were only I so habituated to being with God that I would so wisely know where to seek Him out, and easily find Him!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I was thinking in a totally different direction, as I read about you and Tasha and the ice. Because when I'm the one out there, in dangerous snow and ice, alone and unprotected ... it's God Who comes and finds me (or sends one of His people to find me, which comes out as the same thing). He crashes through the crust, unconcerned about His own safety, and brings me safely home.

HisPrincess said...

That is such a beautiful story! So hard for me to imagine as I sit here in Australia with my air conditioner on flat out! I love the last line. I too could take a lesson from that. But like Elsi said, I'm so lucky that God continually comes through the crust, searching for me.

Pam Halter said...

I, too, thought that it's not we who find God. It's the Shepherd, tirelessly searching until He finds the lost sheep.

And rejoicing when we're found. :)

Kathryn Mackel said...

Pam and Elsi, absolutely. God does find us. I was musing on the believer who is wandering a bit, or just not paying attention. It's habitual devotion that makes it easy to get back on the path.

And Sharon, welcome from Australia. What a delight to have you here!