Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And Now a Word from My Sponsors...

...in this case, the marvelous people of the CSFF blog tour. We know Vanished has suffered a blow at the hands of my publisher but these awesome folks stuck by me, and have pooled their time and talent to tout the book (and, I hope, critique it if they feel justified). I am honored and blessed by their dedication to the genre and craft of Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy, and so grateful for the privilege of being a stop on the blog tour.

If you get a moment, stop in with one or more and give a hello.

See what the other CSFF (Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy) blog participants have to say about this book:
Brandon Barr
Justin Boyer
Jackie Castle
CSFF Blog Tour
Gene Curtis
D. G. D. Davidson
Jeff Draper
April Erwin
Karina Fabian
Beth Goddard
Andrea Graham
Todd Michael Greene
Katie Hart
Christopher Hopper
Joleen Howell
Jason Joyner
Carol Keen
Mike Lynch
Terri Main
Shannon McNear
Melissa Meeks
Rebecca LuElla Miller
John W. Otte
Deena Peterson
Steve Rice
Ashley Rutherford
Mirtika or Mir's Here
Chawna Schroeder
Stuart Stockton
Steve Trower
Speculative Faith
Linda Wichman
Laura Williams
Timothy Wise


nissa_amas_katoj said...

I'm sort of unofficially participating in the CSFF blog tour. I haven't read the book since I can't really afford to buy books, but it sounds so intriguing.

I've read some other books of yours and liked them. Thanks so much for writing them! I also like the dog pictures on your blog even though I'm a cat person.

God bless you,


Beth Goddard said...


My daughter got hooked on your books this summer--read all of them, including Vanished. She loves your voice. Hope to hear soon what lucky publisher is coming out with the sequel.

Great tour!


Kay Day said...

I'll be picking this one up!

Christopher Hopper said...

Kathryn, just stopping by to thank you for the interview on my site! It was great getting to know you and helping promote your wonderful work!



Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Kathy, I thought you might especially like what Justin wrote for his post.

BTW, one of the things I learned about you this tour was your love for sports and your coaching work. We have a lot in common! ;-)


Shannon said...

Kathy, it was an honor! ~Shannon

Kay Day said...

Miss you, Kathy. Hope all is well!