Monday, February 1, 2010

A Rising Tide Lifts All...Dogs?

I am not going to presume to be an expert on Aruba. But my sister tells me that everyone--unless they're infirm--has a job in Aruba. There is no welfare. Certainly observation shows that the Arubans are busy, and pleasant. The 'friendly-island' slogan definitely applies.

Not having been here for six years or so, Steve and I noticed many new houses. Housing in Aruba is modest and simple but it looked like the bad economy has not reached the island. Given I'm not a demographer or economist, I have only one way to truly judge.

The dogs.

On our previous visits to Aruba, dog sightings were few, more toward the "country" side of the island, and those dogs seemed mangy. Life in a dry, equatorial island is not accomodating to canines.

Every neighborhood we drove through now has dogs. And the boys (our term for friendly dogs that hang out, regardless of gender) are looking good. Sleek and secure in their properties. Out in the early and late part of the days, sheltering in the midday heat.

Who needs statistics when you've got dogs to tell you life is good.


Anonymous said...

What an interesting observation.

Ronald White said...

What type of dog walking in Boston could I do to help out my pitbull that I have?