Saturday, October 13, 2007

Art, Life, and Dogs

Vanished is now out. As a responsible author, I guess I need to mention that. Just as I must confess what to me seems a deficiency--there's no dog in the book.

In my mind, that leaves a hole in the story. That Tasha has brought me companionship and yes--challenges--is reflected in my art. Dogs and kids are a big part of my life, and thus, a big part of many of my stories. My favorite canine (more technically, lupine) appearance is in Outriders, where Niki's wolf actually has his own point-of-view. She had a long, painful journey and it only seemed right to give her a companion and guardian. Haven't I been graced with the same?

I'm working on book 2 of the Vanished series, called Darkening because it takes place at night. I have teens and little girls in my character set, so that part of my world is satisfied. It seems to me a dog would be natural in the environment of the story, and a comfort to characters who are cut off from the outside world and plunged into a terrible darkness.

The question is--do I write a cuddly dog who provides licks and comic relief, or a sturdy dog who stands watch against a terrible unknown? Maybe I'll create some beast far more fierce than Niki's wolf but just as loyal.

Sigh. The joy of dogs and the wonder of art.


Accidental Poet said...

I tried to pick this up the other day but it hasn't made it north of the border yet ...

funny you should ask that about the dog. I was just thinking Brynn needed a friend.

Kay said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Rob said...

Congratulations on the release of Vanished! Beautiful jacket art.


Elsi Dodge said...

I special ordered Vanished from Barnes Noble—it's not on the shelves at either secular or Christian bookstores in Boulder, Colorado (something's wrong with this!). But, oh!, it's good! I've not read anything of yours yet; the cover chitchat generally scares me off. But your dog blogging has built an affinity, and I just had to read the book. So glad I did! Thanks!