Monday, October 15, 2007

Standing in the Light

Tasha and I were just out for our morning sojourn. It's a chilly, brilliant day in the New Hampshire woods. The sky is so blue, it almost hurts. The trees are turning gold but have a ways to go yet. What a joy, to know that autumn majesty is still to come.

I keep a chair out in the woods, folded up and leaning against a tree. I've often done bible study or even some writing out there. My plan today was to sit in the sun and pray for a few minutes, absorbing creation in its October glory. But the path where I keep my chair was all in chilly shade (the sun comes in the afternoon). With my injured arm, I didn't feel like dragging the chair a hundred feet down the path. I walked on, Tasha trailing me, until I came to a big patch of sunlight. I simply stood there, prayed a little but mostly abiding in the light and warmth.

I looked down, saw Tasha standing with me.

And isn't that the blessing of a dog?


Accidental Poet said...

Absolutely. They're content just to *be* with you.

Elsi Dodge said...

Oh, yes! Lady wants to be with me, no matter what I'm doing. She's currently at my feet, whining softly in her sleep. If I get up, she will drag herself to her feet and limp after me, sitting patiently while I finish whatever I was doing. She will then follow me back. She clearly wishes I'd just stay put, but she wants to be near me, all the time. "I will never leave you nor forsake you," she says. And, since dogs were my first example of God's unconditional love, I don't feel it's wrong to connect that superbly comforting line with my loving, old beagle.

Pam Halter said...

Congrats on your new book!

I'm a cat person. Gasp! But I've had dogs in my life, as well. It's funny how each pet is unique and special. I once had a cat who thought he was a dog. He trotted along side of me when I walked and loved having his belly rubbed. He greeted me at the door and licked my face. I miss him.

I couldn't help but think that God stands along side of us like your Tasha or my Smokey. How comforting!

Kathryn Mackel said...

Elsi, thank you for sharing that. I know what you mean about "wishing the mistress would stay put." Tasha pushes up from her blanket to walk with me when clearly sometimes she'd rather not. And isn't that a stunning analogy of the Christian walk?

Pam, I'm a cat person too. Sultana will find her way into this blog but be warned--she is a scary beast. Beautiful...but very cruel.

Elsi Dodge said...

My cat (Dolphin) was raised as a dog. He walks on harness and leash, licks plates, and travels in the RV. But, if you ask him, he's really a saber-toothed tiger, as well as a member of Homeland Security. He protects Lady and me from terrorist robins and squirrels and attacks the windshield wipers (he's sure they're actually pterodactyls). He's not cruel, just ... different. As I am. But God loves me anyway.