Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Flocking with My Sister Janice

Please enjoy with me the email my sister Janice sent after reading the post "A Joyful Sound." Apparently the birds are bringing blessings all around New England!

(Janice is somewhat new to cycling, having taken it up a few months back to compete in her first triathlon.)

Laura and I were doing one of our "last rides of the season" today. We were on Pleasant St, going north toward the high school, delirious with the beautiful weather. I heard loud, wild, bird songs from a tree to my left. I knew it was the Starlings that (probably) had visited with you earlier this week. They are not strangers to our backyard either, but appear infrequently. They are medium sized, black, and travel in great flocks. They were occupying a couple of trees along our route, saying hello to us while on their trip south. We were homeward bound, having done a strenuous but thrilling ride in the glorious weather. I gave thanks for the visit of the Starlings and, more importantly, my discovery this year of the many rewards of biking outdoors. The day was full of autumn smells and sights, but winter was being held back in the 60+ degree weather. The sun was getting low (it was after 4:30 PM) and creating vibrant colors all around us, just adding to our many delights. When we got back to my house, Peter remarked that we both smelled of fall, and indeed, small pieces of leaves were clinging to our leggings.

"Oh Lord, I do fear, you made the world too beautiful this year............." It's been a recurring thought this summer when I've been biking. (Not bad for a Chemistry major).


Kay said...

One morning as I was lying in bed, considering getting up, I heard some thumps like our house was being pelted with snowballs. I looked at my husband, obviously with a question on my face, and he said, "It's the birds landing on the roof."
The Starlings path took them directly over our house for several days. I guess I missed the music, though.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

LOL...I always feel that way about fall. I wish I could just put the leaves back on the trees and say, "Just kidding!"

Alas...the time has come!