Saturday, November 3, 2007

Flossie the Dog Whisperer

Joyce Moccero shares this lovely story with us. It puts me in mind of God's love and how sometimes we need to be carried out of that dark cave of sin with a "kind word, a gentle touch, and a promise of love."

My Mom, the Dog Whisperer. ~ Joyce Moccero

I came home from kindergarten one afternoon and discovered, much to my glee, seven puppies in the kitchen! I went nuts when I saw them thinking, we had seven dogs! I cried when Mom told me we couldn't keep them--not all of them. We chose one-- my mother chose one--and this is how it happened.

Earlier that day my brother was in the woods behind our house and discovered a cave. He approached the cave only to be attacked by a wild dog (not a dingo or hyena). He ran home and told Flossie (my mom) he had been attacked by a giant wolf. Flossie, being fearless, went to investigate and discovered not a wolf pack but a rather large doggie family living in the cave. The "wolf" had apparently just recently given birth to seven pups.

Mom called the SPCA. They came out, but no one, none of the professionals could get near the Mama dog or her pups. So, Flossie to the rescue. She tells the professional dog guy to stand aside and sure enough, Flossie enters the cave to the now-gathering crowd's amazement and fears. She emerges with one puppy in her arms, the Mama dog and the other six pups following behind. This made the local newspaper—with a picture of Flossie marching down the street with this little parade toward our house.

We ended up keeping the one pup she carried and finding good homes for the others, as soon as Flossie felt they were ready to be placed. The mama dog became the firehouse dog down the street. And that is how we adopted the best dog in the world. When asked how she did it, Flossie simply told the reporter that "You just have to know how to talk to dogs."

The lesson here, I suppose is in learning how to talk to dogs. When all the professional's fancy equipment--nooses and toys and other bribes failed, Flossie used a kind word, a gentle touch and a promise of love.


Elsi Dodge said...

"A kind word, a gentle touch, and a promise of love"—That's how our Lord reached me, hiding in a cave of fear and cynicism!

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I read this on Joyce's blog when she posted it...what a hoot!

She's as good as that Caesar Milan!