Monday, November 26, 2007

Say Hi to Robin Lee Hatcher and her Poppet

Today Robin Lee Hatcher introduces us to her dog Poppet, and introduces me to a new breed of dogs, the Papillon. I dare you to look at Poppet's photo and not want to cuddle her thoroughly!

What's your dog's name, breed, and age?
Poppet's registered name is French: Ma Poupette des Bois (which means My Small Doll of the Woods). The word poppet is a derivative of the French poupette and is an English term of endearment. Poppet is a Papillon and will be four years old come the end of December. She is over-sized for the breed, standing 12 inches at the withers (11 is the breed max), and weighs in at a bit over 9 lbs.

Where did you get him/her?
I bought Poppet from a breeder in South Dakota after lots of researching. When she was ready to come home, I flew to get her. She was the hit of the airplane coming back to Boise in early March 2004.

What is the weirdest/sweetest/most annoying thing they've ever done?

Weirdest: She won't eat her kibble in her bowl. She picks up three to six pieces in her mouth at one time and carries them to the carpet where she drops them and eats them one at a time. Back and forth to the kitchen she goes until she is full. And at bedtime, as soon as I set the security alarm and start turning out lights, she races to the bowl to grab one more mouthful, then runs ahead of me to the bedroom where she gobbles them down.

Sweetest: "Owning a Papillon," the saying goes, "means never going to the bathroom alone." LOL. But it is true. Poppet is always with me. She follows me from room to room, laying down and waiting for me until I'm off to do something else. She also is a great sleeping companion. She lies up close to me while I read, resting against my hip, and then when it is time for lights out, she moves over so that we aren't crowding each other.

Annoying: She is a barker. Whenever anyone comes to the door, she lets them know she isn't too sure they should be there. And sometimes her bark is more of a high pitched, ear-piercing screech. I've tried all kinds of things to break her of it (the newest thing is a squirt bottle, but she outruns it). So far I have failed miserably. I want her to alert me of strangers, but then I want her to be quiet when I tell her, "No." We'll keep working on it.

How does their companionship enrich your spiritual life?
I think God gives us pets to love and to love us just because it gives both Him and us pleasure. There are so many wonderful things on this earth, even in its fallen condition, that shows His joy in creating things of beauty. Poppet is one of those beautiful things. She is so precious to me.

How does their companionship enrich your writing?
I wanted a small dog who would be with me while I worked. That is exactly what I got. I love reaching down and stroking her head as she lays near me. And when I am browsing through email and not doing lots of typing, she hops up in my lap and curls into a ball. But she can't stay like that for long. Nine pounds doesn't seem very heavy until it is on your thighs for a long while.

Is there something about your dog that you'd like to brag about? Or that we just wouldn't believe?
Hmm. Beyond the fact that she is pretty and loving and silly and loves to play? I guess it would be how intelligent she is. Possibly too smart for me.

~~ Robin Lee Hatcher ~~
From her heart . . . to yours!
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Rachel Hauck said...

Great post! Beautiful dog, Robin.


Bonnie Calhoun said...

What a cutie! *sigh* but my dogs would have her for lunch...and then look for the next course!

Kay said...

She's a cute little thing.
And our Cocker we had when I was a kid ate the same way! Back and forth, back and forth. I think it's because she didn't want to be in the other room all by herself.

Sandie said...

My dog eats the exact same way. I always thought it was strange, but now I know it's normal. LOL

Janice Freeman said...

Wish I ate that way, I think I'd be thinner!