Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Rachel Hauck and Pal Come for a Visit

Today we welcome Rachel Hauck and her dog Pal. He's adorable--and, as you will see, smart enough to know where his "real" home is.


What is your dog’s name/age/breed?
Pal, named by our friends little boy, is a mixed Beagle/Sheltie-Mutt. He's nine.

Where did you get him/her?

He was conceived in our yard when the Beagle next door came over to visit our dog, Jack. Originally, our friends adopted him, but when they couldn't keep him, my husband and I took him in. Not wanting two dogs (and a cat) we decided to give him away "free." This was not a good idea. You can't imagine the type of people who come out of the wood work for a free dog. I gave him away, but called the new owners the next day to see how he was doing. They'd already given him away! So, I called the new owners who claimed Pal was doing "just fine." Turns out he wasn't. The daughter told me he seemed "depressed" when I called a few days later. I said, "I'll be over to get him." Poor Pal was living with two other dogs and the Alpha male of the three was not a kind animal. Pal saw me and ran to the door as if to say, "Where you been, get me outa here." After that, I had several families call to adopt him, but I couldn't bear to give him away.

What is the weirdest/sweetest/most annoying thing they've ever done?

Pal did not get along with his "dad" our older dog. So, there was constant growling, bickering, jealousy. At times, it was overwhelming. Yet, when Jack died, Pal seemed emotionally distressed. He missed his friend.
While training Pal has been a chore, he is a very clever dog. I have a Rainbow vaccum cleaner that uses a water bowl to collect the dirt and dust. When I'm done vaccuming, Pal hears the click of me removing the lid and runs to the trash can where I pause to dispose of the fur and hair, then he runs to the back door where I step out to dump the water. It's amazing to me that he picked up on that routine.He's also a very affectionate dog. And cute. We joke those are the two things that have endeared him to us.

How does their companionship enrich your spiritual life?

I suppose this is another weird thing, but occasionally Pal stuffs himself in the corner of my office and shifts his eyes as if he's seeing something. He's barked non-stop at the wall before for no reason. It's in those moments I think he sees angels. So, he's made me aware of the world I cannot see with my natural eyes. He's also taught us how God loves us even when we are annoying.

How does their companionship enrich your writing?

He's with me all day in my office. In the morning, he stands in the hall waiting for me to walk down "to work." And, he inspires me to write dogs into my stories.

Is there something about your dog that you'd like to brag about? Or that we just wouldn't believe?

I love when he crawls into my lap for a hug. Can't resist. ;)
Check out Rachel and her books at www.rachelhauck.com


Rachel Hauck said...

Hey friend, Pal and I thank you for this little spot light.

Hugs, Rachel

Kathryn Mackel said...

He sounds like a guy who makes an excellent character in a book. Quirky and cute, with a little edge to him.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

He sounds so sweet, and the picture is adorable!

I couldn't have left him with an 'overcrowded' family either!

Crystal Laine Miller said...

I love this blog about dogs---er, peops with their dogs!! When I was a kid, my favorite stories were dog stories.

My little dog, Lizzie the West Highland Terror-er-TerRIER,sleeps under my feet when I'm typing and curls up next to me when I'm reading/doctoring manuscripts. She's a writer dog!

Anyway, Pal is so cute. I'll be back to read more.