Friday, November 30, 2007

Welcome Denise Hildreth and Sophie

As we mourn with Marlo for Cisco, we join Denise Hildreth in her grief for Chloe. But meet Sophie, a real heart-melter and heart-healer. How impossibly cute is she!

Sophie is the last dog we have to welcome...but if you have a dog/s that we haven't met, please email me at kathrynmackel (at) aol (dot) com and we'll put you on the docket! If I've mislaid your contribution somewhere in my computer, please accept my apology and give a little nudge.


What’s your dogs’ names/ages/breeds?

Sophia (Sophie-for short) Just turned One on October 12th. Shih-Tzu (You can only imagine what I call her on bad days!)

Where did you get him/her?

I got her from a breeder about thirty minutes from my house that I found through my vet.

What is the weirdest/sweetest/most annoying thing they've ever done? (You can answer all three.)

The weirdest thing she does is first thing in the morning, right after she's gotten up, she runs straight for the closest toy and takes it with her outside to potty. Most annoying thing...she leaves that same toy outside for me to go pick up!

How does their companionship enrich your spiritual life?

It is amazing how you can see God through your pet. But I do everyday. The end of January I found my precious eight year old Shih-Tzu Chloe in my closet where she had died in her sleep after a two year bout with seizures. After grieving tremendously, and then watching my thirteen year old Shih-Tzu Maggie grieve, I knew I had to get another dog. (Don't tell Sophie she's a dog, because she's completely clueless.)

Then I found myself walking through another personal heartache this year that I had no idea I would be walking through. Every evening when Sophie climbs up in my lap, lays her head across my legs and falls asleep I sense God's companionship. I sense His comfort and His presence. The amazing thing is my grief over Chloe was so great I could see no good in that loss. Yet, when I found myself walking through this storm I realized that Chloe's sickness would have been another addition of stress, and God in His sovereignty knew I would need this bundle of joy, albeit "pooping" machine, in my life.

Every time she makes me laugh, I thank Him for the gift of her company.

How does their companionship enrich your writing?

About the only thing her companionship does for my writing is interrupt it. She's been the darndest thing to house break. So, we're always going outside so we don't have accidents inside!

I started putting up Christmas decorations today. I know, I'm crazy! [note from Kathy--Denise shared this a couple weeks backl. ] But I knew I wouldn't be home a lot, so if I wanted to enjoy them I better start early. When I hung up the Santa head stocking Sophie dropped her chew toy at her feet and proceeded to bark furiously at this new intruder. And of course, once again, I had no video camera to win my $100,000!

Denise Hildreth

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Bonnie Calhoun said...

What a little sweetie...LOL...but once again, my dogs would have that for lunch and ask for seconds!

I'd love to have a little lap dog but in my part of the woods, (coyotes and all)it might not be the safest thing for the little fella!