Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Walking What You Write

Mike Dellosso has been kind enough to interview me for his blog. (http://www.mikedellosso.blogspot.com/) We did the interview a few weeks back and now I'm blushing as I read it.

He asked me for "a few good habits authors could incoporate into their routine to become better writers." The thing is--today I'm finding it hard to get into the grove I describe in the interviews.

I'm blaming it on the weather. Last week was howling cold so I could only walk a half mile or so, even bundled up. For the past couple of days, it was misty cold, treacherous footing that I should avoid or risk snapping my newly-healed shoulder. I went out anyway, in short bursts on the best footing I could find. Tasha came twice, gave up the third time and just turned for home. I didn't realize she had and yelled my head off for her, no doubt causing the hunter I saw up on the hill want to shoot me to shut me up.

Today is beautiful. Finally sunny and fifty glorious degrees. Which presents its own problem because I NEED to be out there, but I NEED to get work done. Caught between that tension, I instead hop on here and blog/whine/worry about it.

There's something about my spirit that makes me long to be out there. My mother was the same way, and I know many of you are. Our dogs live this longing, nose in the air, seeking out secrets, backs to the sun, soaking in the warmth. The wind is blowing now, wanting to bless me but I must work.

One chapter...and then, I'm heading for the ridge.

TOMORROW: Marlo Schalesky tells us about her dear Cisco, who recently left us for dog heaven.

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