Friday, November 23, 2007

Oh Haiku, It's Snowing!

A few days ago, I expressed my dismay to some writers' friends that it was snowing here in Northern Massachusetts. This sparked Angie Hunt to offer a haiku...that spawned a host of haikus from around the country. I have enjoyed every one and I trust you will, too!

Read may find your favorite author offering a little taste of their weather, joy, and humor on this Thanksgiving week.

Balmy is my sky.
I will wear shorts and bare feet.
Warmed by hot flashes.
Angela Hunt

Flashes you may have,
Yet much hair remains on top.
Blessings you should count.
Athol Dickson

The snow lies in white.
It promises newfound grace,
But it breaks my back.
Kathryn Mackel

Snowy is my sky
Loving hubby is away
Shovel's working hard
Janelle Schneider

Last night's weather show
told me today 'twould not snow
But I see it lied.
Janelle Schneider

Pink clouds scatter sun.
Desert breezes whisper heat.
Morning in Tempe.
Beverly McCoy, Arizona

Wind in palms: dry rain.
Desert waterfall runs loud.
Hot breeze. Thirst unslaked.
Beverly McCoy

Palms trill soprano.
Ipod silent in my bag.
Prickly pear sings bass.
Beverly McCoy

Where is the winter?
Texas days are still too hot
It's eighty degrees
DeAnna Dodson

Well behaved snow rests
On mountain tops not streets.
Oregon. Heaven.
Karen Ball

Kansas, slice of heav'n
Air conditioner at sev'n
Furnace by 'leven
Deborah Raney

Snow has come at last
It fell while I was sleeping
White wonderland joy
Kristen Heitzmann

Peaceful rushing waves,
And in the dead of winter
We have hummingbirds.
Athol Dickson, California

Lovely autumn evening,
Turkey and pumpkin pie aromas
Thanksgiving eve with family
Yvonne Lehman, North Carolina

Copper, crimson, gold,
A Pennsylvania autumn
Glory swirling down
Gayle Roper, Pennsylvania

Wishing for snowflakes
While watching gray skies and rain.
Midwest November ...
BJ Hoff, Ohio

Lawn furniture wears
white. Surprise, winter
came again, just like always
Sharon Dunn, Montana

Falling leaves cling to
Wet brown earth where summer sun
Kissed grass days ago.
Gail Martin, Michigan

Just a very warm 70 degrees.
I hate sweating while carving the turkey!
Oh for a little snow. Just a dusting.
Linda Windsor, Maryland

God blessed Idaho.
Here I see snowcapped mountains
Rising up in praise.
Robin Lee Hatcher

Already I’m stuffed
So much to be thankful for
Still, I do miss group
David Harrison

(missing our writers group)

Blue sky, warm breezes
No snow on Florida lawns
Visitors crowd streets
Judy Loose, Florida

(who writes haikus while she drives)


Pam Halter said...

Me, I'm a limerick girl.

Sat down at the table feeling perky,
Then I ate mountains of turkey.
Mashed potatoes and beans,
Pumpkin pie with whipped cream,
I sighed and ended with a burpy.

Ričardas said...

Good collection.

sunnij said...

From the NE corner of Washington state:

Skiff of ice frosts pond
Cheery fire warms heart and toes.
Inland Northwest chill.

Sunni Jeffers

Susan said...

Nutty as fruitcakes
the whole giggling bunch of you
can I please play too?

(accidentally poetic) Susan

Elsi Dodge said...

Trees and grass give thanks:
Life-giving moisture falling
White and cold ... and wet.

My cane gives balance
As I creep on icy walks.
Thanks, Abba, for snow!

I turn my heart to
Praise: Now wash me, and I shall
Be whiter than snow!

Bonnie Calhoun said...

LOL..I'm not even going to try!

But I do love the snow, especially when I stay inside!

Kathryn Mackel said...

This is my friend Marj's haiku to Thanksgiving:

10 people, 1 bathroom
4 days
Practicing grace.