Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Breath of Heaven

I've mentioned before how I like to start the day with a moment of praise at my front door. It's all glass and gives me a wonderful view of our front yard and the woods, taking me out of myself for a time.

This morning I pressed my face to the glass and thought, 'euuww', does my house smell! This hallway always smells because Tasha sleeps her. I wash her blanket frequently and her as often as is healthy but she's old and old dogs stink. I made fried cabbage last night, a sweet and very healthy veggie but it adds considerably to the dog smell. With the cold weather we've had for weeks now, the house hasn't been aired.

I tried to pray but it all seemed to press down on me, calling me back into my life--as stinky as it is today. Not just dog and cabbage but work and health and everything we all deal with.

I leaned my head against the glass and suddenly smelled fresh air. Coming in around the door, the tiniest trickle but it was so cold and absolutely clean, it refreshed me. I pressed my nose to the crack and just breathed it in, taking as much as I could.

Had I courage, I would have flung the door open and let the icy cold air roar over me but I only had the heart and guts to take in this little whiff. Even so, it overcame the stink and made me feel clean. And I thought...how like the Holy Spirit. We may only dare to sniff that breath of Life but even that tiny gasp can overcome the stink. Imagine if I could find the guts to fling open that door!


Anonymous said...

Most of the time I figure I stink that badly to God's sense of smell. But He loves me anyway, as you love Tasha anyway!

Bonnie Calhoun said...

That's why we put on our garments of praise. It takes the stink away!

And yes...you're right. Ugh! I have two old dogs and the winter...in a closed-up house is the pits....armpits! *snort-giggle*

Pam Halter said...

Fling the door open, Kathy!! Fling it wide open and shout for joy!

Anonymous said...

I like you.

Mike Dellosso said...

What a potent picture, flinging open the door and letting the Holy Spirit totally refreshen and revive us!

I'm also trying to picture you standing with your nose pressed into the corner of the door :)