Sunday, December 23, 2007

Maddie Takes The Plunge

This is from my friend Marj, who shares that miracles even come to dogs sometimes...

As you know, today was the day slated for Maddie's bath.

As this is usually an undertaking fraught with peril (or at least a considerable degree of mess), we prepared by emptying the tub area of all extraneous material and removing the shower curtain. We placed a supply of cookies on the sink. Then all three of us stood in the bathroom so we could hoist her into the tub and then form a human shield to keep her there once she was soapy and wet.

Well. Much to our astonishment, she trotted into the bathroom wagging her tail and then hopped right into the tub. For a moment all three of us stood there staring at her as she waited wearing her patient face. Then we shampooed and rinsed and shampooed and rinsed, and she never once tried to escape. It was simply weird.

We can't decide if she was cooperating because she couldn't stand the smell either, or if she is aware that Santa is coming and decided she had better be good, for goodness' sake.


Anonymous said...

Too funny!!!!

Anonymous said...

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