Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Crouching at the Door

Not to belabor a good point--but BadCat makes it so easy.

Tasha and I had another nice walk in the snow today. We came in through the cellar, shucked my boots, and headed up the stairs. No Sultana this time on the top step to stop Tasha dead in her tracks. We thought we were in the clear (since she stops me dead in my tracks, too!)

Then I saw a flash of gray behind the door. BadCat had stretched out, paw extended for a fast strike the moment either Tasha or I stepped into the kitchen.

How can I not think of Genesis 4:7. "...if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it."

I'll master her all right...with a cup of water next time she lays in wait.


Anonymous said...

Dolphin is my version of BadCat ... a saber-toothed tiger masquerading in tabby fur, a member of Homeland Security who protects me against terrorist robins and squirrels.

Dolphin feels quite strongly about his personal integrity. He does not accept reprimands and has a carefully graduated scale of retaliation and response.

He may ignore me. He may swear at me (and he has a mouth on him! I tell the vet, "He didn't learn those words at my house!" I don't think the vet believes me ...). He may escalate, or switch to an alternate (but still prohibited) activity.

But, for major infractions of his personal space—a swat on the tailfeathers, an assault from the squirt bottle—Dolphin has the ultimate way of evening the score: He attacks Lady, my elderly little beagle. Claws in, he smacks her upside the head with a resounding thwack, and then gives me a telling look.

"That'll show you!" he is clearly saying. "Now you're sorry, aren't you!"

Pam Halter said...

We had a cat when I was a teenager that used to hide under the end table and when you walked by, he would come charging out, leap on your back and bite your head. It was terrifying to hear his pounding footsteps because you couldn't get out of the way.

I'm thankful my kitties don't do that.

Spiritually, though, when the enemy is that loud, I can defend myself. It's when he is sneaky and silent that trips me up.

We have to be vigilent all the time.

Kathryn Mackel said...

Elsi, lovely description. Maybe Dolphin needs to pay our kitty a visit.


January will be CAT month!

Kay said...

I think you should get a holster so you can keep a loaded water bottle on you at all times.