Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Footsteps, part 2

There are some paths in the woods now that the forester has completely obliterated. After he fells a tree, takes the massive trunks away and leaves behind huge branches, trees that break when "his" tree topples, and a general mess.

Not my woods, I keep telling myself. Not my woods,

Some places I can't go at all anymore. One path I can travel but there's a mess over about 20 ft. of it so I need to pick my way carefully through branches and scruff. The snow has made it easier to remember the least dangerous way over that tangle. I follow my own footsteps. And Tasha, after a few bounces and almost getting stuck, follows me.

This morning I took this particular path from the opposite direction. From this perspective, I couldn't find my own footsteps.

Tasha could, however.

Somehow she sniffed out my footsteps and led me along until I could actually see where I needed to go to stay safe.

Lil' pup turned yesterday's analogy back on me. Bless her.

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