Friday, December 21, 2007


Is there anything like dog slurp? Thick enough to lube a car's engine, persistent enough to require muscular scrubbing, slippery enough to send someone (me) flying when that someone (me) doesn't see it on the tile and steps in it.

Our first dog, Barney, was a purebred black Lab with a square head and the jowls. Jowls are a a dog's warehouse, where slurp builds up to critical mass. I imagine when Angie Hunt's mastiffs shake, the slurp ends up on her ceiling! We used to try to fill Barney's dish out of his sight because he'd start drooling and leave a trail of slurp across the kitchen floor where someone (me) could take a header on it.

Like most labs, Barney always had to have a stick in his mouth. On snowy days, he'd go outside and play, tossing his stick in the air and catching it...coating it with slurp. It is absolutely no exaggeration to say that, by the end of his play time, a stick that had been one inch in diameter would be about six inches in diameter.

Five inches of frozen slurp is indeed a wonder of creation.

Tasha is a lady with a pointy nose and no jowls. She only slurps in her water dish and food dish. Every few days I hose them down with heavy detergent to de-slurp them. Poor Tasha has been deprived for the past three years. Our dishwasher has been broken and thus, she never ever gets to clean out the roasting pan or the rice pot. No way would I trust handwashing her slurp out of dishes we use. And that's too bad for her because she's skinny enough and old enough to be able to eat anything she wants.

Today Tasha is in dog bliss.

Steve finally found a schematic online for the dishwasher and fixed it. Tasha can eat the mashed potatoes out of the pot or gulp down my leftover spaghetti and we can de-slurp those dishes completely.

What we couldn't clean by hand, the dishwasher does with gusto.

Dog bliss, indeed.


Pam Halter said...

That reminds me of when my mom used to let me "lick the bowl" after she mixed up cookies or cake. Ahhhhhhhhhh . . . no slurp to speak of, but still, oh so blissful!

Now that I'm a growup and can "lick the bowl" whenever I want, it's just not the same. I wonder why that is?

Angela said...

I understand slurp. And slingers, which I find all over my walls.

Even found a dried slinger on my computer screen the other day. Occasionally I find them in my laundry room, adorning the clean clothes on hangers.

Slingers are a small price to pay for so much furry love.

Long may Tasha slurp!


Janice Freeman said...

Abby left slurp in her water dish. After she took a drink I would immediately rinse it out. When she had the ear surgeries and had to wear the cone, I had to clean slurp and hair off it twice a day. I could hardly keep from gagging! And I should get another dog? Actually, we are praying for JUST ONE MORE grandchild. Baby poop beats dog slurp. Maybe when we're old we will want a dog or cat.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

LOL...slurp is the second name for my mixed breed named Sly. When I mix his food, he can drool a quart of slurp on the floor until I tell him that he can stick his face in the bowl!

And as for the old one eating anything she wants...I too have an old one, Brea...she's Akita/Husky, but she's so old that she's getting to be skin and bones...but I found that her beloved table scraps now upset her stomach, and she won't eat her regualr food for several meals till her stomach settles down. Alas...she doesn't need to get any skinnier! So no more cleaning plates!